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Plenty of storage space!

Chinese New Year is about to come, and customers have more and more orders, but due to the epidemic, the shipping company's ships are getting more and more difficult to order. Even if the order is booked, there may be no boxes available. The finished goods must be stacked in the warehouse if they cannot be sent out. This time highlights how important it is to have a large warehouse!
Our warehouse includes material warehouse, bag warehouse and storage warehouse, with a total area of 30,000 square meters, which is enough to meet any storage needs of customers. The material warehouse is a warehouse for storing raw materials. We usually go up the mountain to pull the raw materials in the rainy season, so that in the rainy and snowy seasons, the shortage of raw materials will not lead to the shortage of materials or the problem of price increases. The bag warehouse is used to store our own brand bags and custom-made bags. Generally, the bags made by customers are a whole roll, and an order may not be completely used up, so they need to be stored in the bag warehouse. The warehouse has dedicated warehouse management personnel for centralized management, and records are made every time when entering and leaving the warehouse, and the warehouse is cleaned daily.
The strength of the company is the confidence of our business. If you want to find a reliable supplier of cat litter in China, do not hesitate and look forward to your inquiry!

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